Hi, welcome to Motivating Me Healthy.

My name is Adele and I started this site to share some of the truly scary things that have motivated me to get healthier and know more about what is going into my body. That includes food and medicine.

Our country is in a health crisis. More and more of us are sick, overweight, and just run-down mentally and physically. Many have no access to health care. Many are not aware of how toxic our lives have become. And that truly scares me.

We are eating more and more processed foods. Our bodies are breaking down. Doctors are prescribing us medicines that are synthetically altered to copy what our bodies have stop producing on it's own.

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I want to share this information that has truly motivated and scared me into trying to live a healthier life.

Made with a simple drawing art app online. Using your creativity can be calming and a great way to ease anxiety.