My story

My story

In 2007, I was diagnosed with some back and spinal issues. Here is when I became unable to get around, spending all my time in bed for the first year.

The years that followed, I was in extreme pain and scared to move or do any activities. I personally think inactivity and an increase in my weight is why the diabetes had a chance to take control of my body.

In 2009, I got my first diabetes diagnosis. The doctors put me on all types of medicine. Talk about some nasty side effects. Yuck!

In 2010, I became extremely sick and unable to keep anything down. I was living on diet pepsi and crackers. They didn't stay down either. I looked into all the possible reasons why I could be sick.

It was during this period, I began demanding an diagnosis or reason why I was so sick. I was planning my funeral because I was so sick. My doctor just kept telling me to keep up the good work and keep losing weight. I could not believe he was telling me to keep throwing up so I will keep losing weight.

After losing about 100 lbs, my sugar was no longer a problem. I still continued to be sick everyday.

In 2016, I was just going through my normal daily life and BAM!

I was not feeling well and went to the doctor. The doctor said I had diabetes. My heart just sank. I had diabetes earlier in life and now here it is again. My A1c was 12, which is very high.

One of my doctors asked how my a1c number got so high. I told her I thought it was due to cupcakes and karma. However I got was here.

Currently I am working very hard to get rid of the diabetes so I will no longer have to take the medicine and insulin. Which in it self has horrible side effects.

I have learned a lot since first becoming sick, and really want to share my experiences, so others will have the information they need to be healthy and happy. Let me share what you what I've learned so far in this journey. It will save you time and heart ache.

Come join me
and we will get
healthier together.


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