How I lost 35 lbs in 6 weeks

How I lost 35 lbs in 6 weeks

Losing 35 lbs. was so easy. I don't know why I've never done it before. Losing weight has always been a struggle for me. Even being very active in my youth, I always was overweight.

When I thought about losing weight in the past, I always thought it would have to include some diet, a shake or counting somthing. No one ever said anything about eating healthier to lose weight. Well I didn't hear it.

And don't forget the exercise. With my disability and limited mobility, exercise is a joke. If I can get my chores done without having severe muscle spasms, then I will consider exercising. I lost the 35 lbs. with no increase in my activity. Amazing right. I thought so and that is why I wanted to share my experience with others.

Okay. So this is how it happened. It started with a doctor appointment because I wasn't feeling good. They ran some tests and my doctor came in and said I had diabetes again. Yuck. I had diabetes back in 2009 and lost 100 lbs. After losing that 100 lbs. my diabetes went away.

Immediately, I stopped all drinks except water. I was use to drinking probably a gallon of sweet tea per day. I did drink lemonade the first week to break the sweet tea habit. Once I was drinking only water, I noticed the weight just drop off. It took about four weeks to lose 25 lbs.

Once I saw that weight drop off, I was so excited. My clothes were getting baggy on me. I loved it. With this momentum I wanted to keep losing so I began to cut my portions. If I was eating out, I would only eat half my meal and take the other half home for another meal. I started dividing my portions in half as soon as the meal come to our table and putting it in a take out box.

At home I would keep fruit and nuts around for quick healthy snacks. I ate a lot of boiled or scrambled eggs for protein. And at six weeks, I had lost a total of 35 lbs.

This isn't the end of my weight loss journey. Stay tuned for more. I am currently working to replace my normal diet with better healthier choices. Enter your email address on the right and you will get all the motivating updates to come.

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